Pandemic Preparedness

We all are facing unprecedented times with the advent of COVID19 in our midst.  We at Loyal Dentistry have and are doing everything possible to make our office the safest it can be in accordance with CDC guidelines.  We have the following to be extra prepared and cautious:

  --Infrared temperature monitors with COVID19 detailed questionnaires that are carefully screened

  --Plexiglass strategically placed in the front office for better protection

  --Appropriate hand sanitizers and wipes

  --All appropriate PPE (including CDC approved N95 masks, Face Shields, disposable gowns, Hair                               bouffant caps, etc...)

  --Medical Grade HEPA & UV filtration Air Purifiers strategically placed to remove airborne particles

  --Extra Oral HEPA & UV sterilizing suction units to remove all aerosols during treatment

  --UV Sterilizers to properly sterilize pens, goggles, etc...


Temperature monitor

extra oral suction cup


UV sterilizer

Face shield

Medify air purifier

Extraoral unit whole

N95 maks

HEPA UV air purifier

Plexiglass screen