Our Dedicated Hygienists

Celeste V. pic.png


Celeste is an excellent Registered Dental Hygienist who is passionate about educating and improving the oral health of all her patients.  Her goal is to work in conjunction with our dentists to aid patients in achieving healthy gums and teeth while delivering comfortable and skillful care.  She also gives back to different communities by volunteering for missionary trips and serving geriatric and special needs patients.

In her free time, Celeste enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, going to the river, traveling and trying new restaurants.

Johanna A. pic.png


Johanna graduated from Loma Linda University with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene.  She has exceptional dental knowledge and strives to have every patient understand the importance of maintaining healthy gums, which is a reflection of healthy wellbeing.  Johanna is ethical, caring and extremely hard working.  

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, hiking, jogging and working out!

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Rosana is a Registered Dental Hygienist with over 30 years of experience. She loves getting to know her patients and their families.  Her ambition is to educate and motivate patients in order to help them achieve their best periodontal and overall physical health. 


Away from the office, Rosana enjoys reading, gardening, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Our Amazing Staff

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Adilene ("Addy")

Addy is affable, kind, efficient and will do all she can to help you feel comfortable at our practice.  She helps in multiple areas including front office scheduling, billing/accounting and back office duties.  Her ability to adapt to different situations makes Addy so versatile and important.   You'll love her smile and kind soothing words. 


In her spare time, Addy loves spending time with family especially her husband and cute daughter! 

Doris .png


Doris truly cares about you and your needs.  She has a keen ability to understand every scenario and will go the extra mile to help.  She is organized, affable, dependable, reliable and very knowledgeable about dental insurance/billing.  She oversees many aspects of our practice and will do everything to get the proper answers to your questions.


In her spare time, Doris loves spending time with family, relaxing with yoga and is a "foodie" who enjoys good food!

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Gloria ("Gigi")

Gloria is an exceptional dental assistant who has the knowledge base to run the front office and also help with chair side assisting.  She comes from a rich background in patient management and desires to make your stay in our office as comfortable as possible.  Our entire office relies on Gigi in so many ways.  She will answer most of your questions in a friendly, honest and knowledgeable way.   

In her spare time, Gigi loves photography, scrapbooking, hiking and gardening.

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Kristine is one of the bubbly faces you will see as you walk through the doors of our practice.  She has over 12 years experience in the dental field and is a book of knowledge when it comes to dental insurances, billing and scheduling.  She is reliable, efficient and kind.  She has a great rapport with patients and is always willing to help.  

Away from the practice, Kristine enjoys family events, spending time with her fur baby and being the passenger on her husband's Harley!

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Sonia is the quintessential dental assistant in every way possible!  She is affable, kind, knowledgeable and does everything to make sure our patients feel comfortable.   Our patients are immediately drawn to her mannerisms and her conscientious care.  She is an excellent team player who is highly regarded not only by patients, but by everyone in the office.  


In her free time, Sonia loves spending time with her husband, going out to movies and trying new cuisine.  She also enjoys spending time at church and volunteering.  

Susan A..png


Susan has a plethora of dental billing experience and a wealth of knowledge in  dental management.  She runs our front office in Duarte and will help answer all your pertinent questions. She will do everything she can to make scheduling your appointments as seamless as possible.  


In her free time, Susan enjoys spending time with her loved ones, going to church and hiking. She also has an affinity to ocean adventures and whale watching.